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The Flowstick Muscle Scraper is a type of Gua Sha tool that is designed to remove muscle tension and adhesions. In as little as 3 min. of applying, you will notice decreased pain and increased mobility!

The tool works by providing myofascial release to affected areas. By scraping areas with internal scar tissues and adhesions,  it opens up the pathways to allow blood circulation which consequently restores movement and healing. This is particularly useful for people with neck pains, shoulder/rotator cuff issues, back pains, carpal tunnel, shin splits and much more.

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This is a great product and has had very positive results for my patients…I would definitely recommend this to other healthcare professionals to help bring healing to painful areas of the body.

Dr. Janki J. Kotak
Chiropractic Physician, D.C. / Nyon Health & Wellness

I had some shin splints and some biceps tendon issues going on and within a few days of using the tool, I had almost no symptoms from either issue…I would definitely recommend the tool to any provider out there looking to take care of any soft tissue problem they are facing.

Dr. Nick Barney
Chiropractor and Co-owner of Optimal Chiropractic / Optimal Chiropractic